Want to know what your children are really doing? Verifique™ supports all parents who want to ensure that their children are not using harmful substances.

Our tests allow users to extract samples off of the outer casing, mouthpiece, and oil cartridge of a vape pen or in edibles/candies and test for the presence of cannabis within seconds.

Fentanyl has found its way into the supply of prescription medications ordered over the internet and from non-controlled supply chains. Verifique™ tests can provide an initial screening for the presence of Fentanyl in pills and powders.


Keeping the workplace safe and secure is key for employees’ well-being — and for a company’s bottom line. Verifique offers simple, safe and affordable narcotics and explosive testing tools for corporations to ensure their work environment is protected.

Business owners can use Verifique test kits to enforce corporate drug policies and maintain a safe working environment. Employee screening and random drug testing have never been easier with Verifique’s safe, easy-to-use dry-reagent tests.