Cocaine Detection Test (2-Count Box)



Verifique’s Cocaine Detection Test is a simple, single-use test kit that is designed for the detection of cocaine compounds including pure cocaine, cocaine hydrochloride, freebase, and crack cocaine.

The dry card and pen delivery of the test allows users to safely collect and conduct analysis on any sample suspected of containing cocaine.

The natural solvent in the Verifique Test Pen allows the user to collect samples from surfaces, and in any kind of sample.

Verifique’s test is designed to detect cocaine in any kind of sample, including pills, powders, vape pens, surfaces, etc.

Presumptive tests are not designed to give certain results and cannot replace a full analysis of your sample. This test cannot be used to asset that substances are safe to consume, and cannot be used to assert that substances are legal/illegal. This test is not a purity test, and cannot be used to detect potential adulterants in cocaine samples.