Fentanyl+ Detection Test (2-Count Box)



WARNING: This product is NOT a harm reduction tool, and cannot be used for drug checking. A negative result on this test cannot be used to determine that a lethal dose of fentanyl is not present in any sample. 

Presumptive tests, like the Verifique Fentanyl+ Test, are not designed to give certain results and cannot replace a full lab analysis of your sample. This test cannot be used to assert that substances are safe to consume and cannot be used to assert that substances are legal/illegal.

Verifique’s Fentanyl+ Detection Test is a simple, single-use multi-drug test to screen for the presence of Fentanyl and Major Fentanyl Analogues. The test is capable of detecting multiple classes of narcotics, including: fentanyls (Fentanyl HCl, Fentanyl Citrate, Carfentanil, Lofentanil, Remifentanil, etc.), synthetic opioids (heroin, meperidine, etc.) and amphetamines (MDMA, meth, ephedrine, etc.).

This test is designed to provide an alternative tool for parents, small business owners, and friends who are concerned for the safety and well-being of those around them, and want a tool that provides certainty and clarity, without involving law enforcement.

In most cases, unknown substances that may contain fentanyl or other dangerous drugs should be reported to law enforcement for processing and safe disposal. The Verifique Fentanyl+ Test Kit should be a last resort option for users who are not comfortable with involving law enforcement in the analysis and disposal of suspected drug samples.

Users who choose to deploy this product must understand the risks posed by testing unknown substances for fentanyl and prepare themselves accordingly.

The dry card and pen delivery of the test allows users to safely collect and conduct analysis on any sample suspected of containing one of the target narcotics.

The natural solvent in the Verifique Test Pen allows the user to collect samples from surfaces, and in any kind of sample, including pills, powders, rocks, and impregnated paper.

Verifique’s test is designed to detect a broad array of fentanyl analogues and other narcotics of abuse. The test will presumptively check if these narcotics are present in the portion of the sample that is tested. This means that a positive test result indicates that it is presumptively likely that at least one of the target compounds is present in the sample, in a detectable quantity.

This test cannot be used to discern which narcotic is present in the sample, or how many different narcotics may be present. The test will not show how much of the test target is present, how it is distributed across the sample, or how strong the sample is.

If you get a:

  • Positive Result - It can be presumed that fentanyl or another dangerous narcotic is present in a detectable volume in the test sample.
  • No Result - Fentanyl or another dangerous narcotic cannot be identified in a detectable volume, so it cannot be presumed to be present. In the case of a negative, it is possible that the test target may not be present, may be present in an undetectable volume, or that it may be present and may be undetectable for another reason (a false negative result).